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This Week – Ending April 2nd, 2023

Random Notes

I’m almost finished with my second watch of Battlestar Galactica, and my wife’s first watch. She’s gotten to the point where the philosophical and religious discussions are a bit much, and even on a second watch through that is truly the biggest flaw in the final season. They just tried to cram too many ideas into one season without enough time to truly explain where they were going with it.

Michael recommended I check out The Night Agent, which I have and really enjoyed. It’s a great series, especially if you are a fan of Jack Ryan type books, shows, or movies.

I’ve been writing about working out and eating better at Brandon Gets Fit. It’s not a serious blog, it’s more or less just collections of notes, ideas, and things to remember. I wasn’t even planning on sharing it, but when I went to look for weight loss blogs, I really couldn’t find many true blogs. Everything was written by coaches or people with something to sell. It’s a shame, I remember years ago finding a lot of inspiration and guidance in personal finance blogs and I could see how useful seeing someone else going through the same things I am could be inspiring.

I do plan on cross posting some more important or properly written blogs, as they apply here on Brandon Writes.

I’ve been enjoying Carl PhillipsSeeking the Light this week. I’m a fan of his blog and I’m excited to see his books are just as interesting. I love that each chapter is very small. It’s made it so whenever I pick up my phone out of habit, I pull open his book and read something productive vs. mindless scrolling.

I’m in love with this throwback PWI cover. I guess, I’ll have to buy an issue for the first time in years!

I broke WordPress’ Jetpack Reader. I’ve been trying to utilize the WordPress reader to find more blogs that interest me, but so many of the topics/results are full of ads, fake sites, and what not. So, I started blocking any site/user that didn’t appeal to me in an attempt to get better results. Now, the app crashes every time I click on Reader. Ha!

This work out to my advantage, because I was forced to use the web version which has more features, and works better than the app.

Last year, I spent quite a bit of time taking photos in Red Dead Redemption 2, which you can see here. I was browsing over them and I think I need to go back and take some more.

I forgot to post these photos from last Friday. I took Brandy out to celebrate her new job. We hit up our favorite Sushi/Thai/Japanese place for what they call a Lobster Bomb. It includes fried lobster pieces served in the martini glass, along with a lobster roll. Afterwards, we walked a few doors down to a Sugar Koi, an ice cream shop that has these delicious made on demand koi. It was delicious!

Interesting Links

The Lark and Her Young Ones
I’m surprised I had not heard this Aesop’s Fable before now, but I found it quite inspiring. It corresponds with my realization that I need to get fit and the only person that can do it is me.

A Note on Some Notes on Writing
I’m a big fan of this response to Tom Critchlo’s Writing, Riffs, and Relationships. My number one pet peeve is this idea that everyone online is a self-proclaimed expert. This constant talking down or talking at you, is beyond frustrating. For me, if I find a blogger or anyone utilizing that type of language, I move on to someone with a bit of humility and grace. I’m not looking to be preached at on any topic.

Imposture Syndrome
First off, I just got to say how much I LOVE Matt’s design. This is one fantastic looking blog. Every time I visit it I fall in love with how well it fits whatever screen I’m on, the shade of green he used for, and how well it walks a fine line between modern and retro.

This week Matt discussed Imposture Syndrome and offered advice for individuals suffering, as well as for managers who have staff they need to support. It’s a good read for just about anyone, since it feels like imposture syndrome has slowly taken over the world.

These Retro Films Mark the Beginning of Marvel Movies
A short and incomplete list (Seriously, no 90s Cap?) of some Marvel films prior to big budget studio releases. It made me nostalgic for the time I went to a flea market and found a copy of the 1994 Fantastic Four film sometime around 1997 or 1998. I remember watching this super dark copy of a copy of a copy and enjoying the heck out of it.

Song of the Week

In My Dreams by Wig Wam

Book of the Week

Do a Powerbomb by Daniel Warren Johnson

Site News

  • Now page has been updated.
  • Started tweaking the Links page a bit more. I’ve added more blogs from my RSS and removed a few. It still needs more love, but I’m working on it a little bit at a time.

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The Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks

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  1. Omg thank you so much for featuring my blog post, A Note on Some Notes on Writing! I started following your blog a few weeks ago so that means a lot as I’m a fan of your work too!

    • You’re welcome! I’m always appreciative to find folks online who feel the same way about blogging that I do. Thank you for sharing and responding to that post!

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