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This Week – Ending February 19th, 2023

Interesting Links

Gnarly 90s Podcast
A new podcast by my buddy Mickey of Retro Ramblings. If you like retro/pop culture discussions, this is worth checking out.

Non-Profit Bloggers
I touched on this a few days ago, but Matt has created a GitHub for non-profit bloggers to be listed and connect. So far, I’ve found several blogs I did not know about and one article I can’t wait to reference in a future post.

Show & Tell
Show & Tell is a blogging event where a topic is chosen each week and bloggers will write on that topic. At the end of the week, links are shared, and Retro-Ramblings will have a page with all of the posts. It’s a unique way to generate traffic and discover new blogs. I will be posting responses each week on Middle Aged Fat Kids.

Chris Glass
I love this blog. I discovered it through one of the personal blog directories and his theme is amazing. I tried to implement it on my site, but it takes a bit more knowledge than I have. I absolutely adore the Favorite things page and the way his posts are laid out and organized.

A Traveler’s Guide to Food in Singapore
This post was way more informative and interesting than I ever thought it would be. After reading about how the cuisine is presented and how tricky it can be to order, there is no way I’d travel to Singapore without having this handy.

Micro.Blog is Still Confusing
I got to agree with Kev on this one. I gave another try a few weeks ago and it’s just chaotic. That and well, I think I realized that it doesn’t matter what social media you use, you’re still going to run into politics and people talking at you, which just doesn’t interest me.

Life in a Snap: Bedroom Wall
So, the picture itself doesn’t interest me as much as the blogging concept. The idea is to take a random photo and then write an extended caption about it. It’s a way to give a little peek into your life that otherwise wouldn’t probably be discussed.

Song of the Week

The Future’s So Bright, I Got to Wear Shades by Timbuk3

Book of the Week

World’s Finest (Issues 1-11) by Mark Waid and Dan Mora

Site News

-The Now page was updated.

-I added an Other Writings page, which will feature links to other writings I’ve done online. I’ve got about half of the posts linked so far.

-The Links page was updated, and I joined the Non-Profit Bloggers group.

New Posts from Middle-Aged Fat Kids

Eddie Money Nights
Real Genius

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  1. I like this week-ending style post. I hope you continue it.

    FYI, the Show & Tell events aren’t just for retro blogs. The themes are going to be such that anyone can participate. Everyone with a blog should check it out when the first topic drops tomorrow.

  2. You’re too kind! (And hello properly after following you through RSS for a bit.)

    As for my theme, even I don’t know how to install it! But I’ve long wanted to do so and document the process. I know there are a few dependencies of plugins… My worry is that I’ll want to have it rebuilt based on Full Site Editing by the time I get around to it.

    • Ha! Well, it’s good to know it wasn’t just me! It is a gorgeous site and I love the recent favorites. It’s such a unique feature!

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