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This Week – Ending February 26th, 2023

Random Notes

While utilizing for an upcoming blog post, I found myself reading some old blog entries from 2021. I began that year transitioning to a weekly post format that contained a variety of thoughts, stories, quotes, trailers etc. It was a more expansive version of what I posted last week.

I got to be honest, it was a great format. It was a sort of “catch all” for items that weren’t important enough to get a long form blog post and at least as far as my own personal reference, it was a great way to look back and see what was going on in my life at that time. I’ve decided to add elements of that into my weekly posts.

On our way to the Adam Sandler show, my wife received a text message with a job opportunity. It’s with an organization she’s volunteered and worked with before helping students in the geo-sciences. It’s more money, 100% remote, and is sort of a dream job for her. Nothing is 100% official yet, but it looks like she will be changing jobs and giving us a much need boost in the income department.

I killed a little time last Sunday and watched Animal Control, the new sitcom starring Joel McHale and Not Dead Yet starring Gina Rodriguez. Both shows were better than expected. The first episode of Not Dead Yet was very good, and even choked me up a bit at the end, but I was disappointed to discover Martin Mull is not a regular cast member. Still, it was charming enough to make me watch the other two episodes. It’s kind of a feel-good type of show and it co-stars Lauren Ash from Superstore, so I’ll keep watching it for now.

Last year, on the way back from WrestleCade, Brandy and I were hungry. She was browsing online while I was driving down I-40 when she discovered a place called The Village Grill in Burlington, NC. It was a small restaurant that looks like it would be something along the lines of a Chili’s or Applebees, but instead of microwaved, mediocre food, the food was AMAZING. They serve Key West chicken that makes the hour long drive to Burlington worth it and of course, we stopped last Saturday on the way to Charlotte. We devoured the Key West chicken, sea salt chips, sesame chicken on skewers, and an ahi-tuna appetizer. It was wonderful and I regret not taking any pictures!

The third season of Picard debuted and I couldn’t help but feel that this is the Picard show I have been waiting for. It’s feels a bit more tied to the character and having the Next Gen cast alongside just feels so natural. I’m loving it so far.

Last Sunday, I watched a good portion of the Daytona 500 and portions of all four XFL games. I really liked both previous versions of the XFL and so far, this one seems to be just as entertaining. I was shocked when I flipped over to the 500 from the St. Louis/San Antonio game and St. Louis was losing 15-3 with a minute and a half to go. When I flipped back, they were up 17-14. I love the different rules and St. Louis used them to their advantage. I think the USFL is going to be in trouble this year.

M3GAN was pretty entertaining. It exceeded my expectations and was a good one-time watch.

“Elevated horror is a term used by people who hate horror to describe horror films that they like.” – Joe Bob Briggs

I tried giving the final season of The Flash a shot, but I made it about halfway through when I decided to turn it off. It still suffers from the problems it had when I quit watching a few years ago. There are way too many superheroes and metas. I’m just not interested in a Team Flash show.

Interesting Links

Geronimo’s hibernation adventure and BURROW RENOVATION. (Desert Tortoise Update!)
This post came across my RSS and I found myself enthralled at the adventure this little desert tortoise has had.

Storytelling: The Drama of the Ordinary
An interesting article on how the ordinary can be interesting. It also seems to double as a think piece of the loss of community and the power of friendship.

Can you survive this oral history of Scream’s ‘horror rules’ scene?

On Not Taking Money for NetNewsWire
As a NetNewsWire user, I found this interesting. I wish more folks had this line of thinking.


Song of the Week

Middle of Nowhere by Hot Hot Heat

Book of the Week

Superman Birthright by Mark Waid

Site News

-I’ve changed up the theme for the site. I’m still not 100% happy with it all, but I think it’s an upgrade from the last one.

-I created a Things I’m Excited For page. A few years ago, I made a post similar in format which I think was helpful in organizing and reminding me of things to look forward to. I decided to solidify idea this as a page that can be continuously updated throughout the year.

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