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This Week – Ending March 19th, 2023

Random Notes

So, I guess people weren’t exaggerating when they talked about COVID Fog. This week, I’ve struggled quite a bit in formulating some thoughts and I had even harder time writing. Most everything I’ve posted this week was stuff I’d written weeks ago and hadn’t gotten around to posting. I’m going to take it easy and hopefully my mind will clear up soon.

Jimmy recommended I give Powerade Zero a try to help with the brain fog and whether it was a placebo effect or just good timing, it seemed to improve a bit. But what was more surprising is how much I like Powerade. I’ve always been extremely loyal to Gatorade and when the All Sport and Powerade came out, I found them to be a bit yucky. However, revisiting Powerade now, I find it smoother and less thick than Gatorade, and I really like it. I like it so much so, I went back to the grocery store and bought a couple of packs.

In news that hit me harder than expected, Disney+ cancelled Willow after season one. As a guy who does not particuarly care for fantasy, I adored Willow. I was a fan of the original film and I thought the series was funny and quite enjoyable. The cancellation disappointed me more than I expected it to, but I’m thankful we got what we got.

My job allows me to do community service a handful of days a year and get paid for it, so this week I finally took advantage of this perk. My wife’s job was hosting an event for high school students at a park in Durham and she needed volunteers. I signed up as the horn blower, which meant my responsibility was to follow a schedule and blow an air horn. I also helped with some set up, but it was a nice way to spend a day outside and get paid for it.

Interesting Links

Keeping Bald
JTR’s write up on how he maintains his bald head was interesting, since I also shave my head but go about things a little differently. I love these “this is how I…” style posts.

The Secret Douglas Adams RPG People Have Been Playing for 15 Years
So, this article is eight years old, so technically it would be twenty-three years, if it’s still ongoing. I remember when this was first posted, I tried for a long time to find the secret RPG. The link was not easily accessible and I was so curious about how folks kept this going. Every few years, I’d do a little dive to see if I could come across the hidden forum, but I never have. I’m not even sure it still exists, but it’s a fun little piece of internet/Douglas Adams history.

I doubled down on RSS
Eric writes a great little introduction to RSS and offers a variety of hints and tricks.

Ask A Physicist to Speak at Your Funeral
Worth a quick read

A podcast listener’s experiment
I enjoyed this post, as I can relate. I can only listen to podcasts for a few day at a time, before I get sick of having someone in my ear talking. It goes from being enjoyable to bringing me down rather quickly. I don’t think our brain was made to take in as much information as it does, and when you add someone chatting non-stop in your ear for a few hours each day, it’s draining. Not to mention, podcasts tend to fall into the trap of being negative. You can find a podcast about your favorite fandom and it’s almost a guarantee they will spend fifty percent of the time (if not more) trashing the very fandom they supposedly love. I don’t have time for that negativity.

Song of the Week

Pegasus by Bear McCreary

Book of the Week

Ghost Rider by Benjamin Percy and Corey Smith

Site News

-Fixed the email address on the Hello page (Thanks to JTR for the heads up on my mistake)
-Updated the Links page, I still need to find some time to add a bunch of sites
-Updated the Now page

New Posts from Middle-Aged Fat Kids

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