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Week Ending – April 16th, 2023

Random Notes

Bowling for Soup released a great song/video this week called Hey Mario from their new album Don’t Mind If We Do

I watched 65 and really dug it. It reminded me of a 90’s action movie. It gets straight to the point, has enough story to keep you interested, and tons of great tension and special effects. It’s a shame that it’s arguably the best dinosaur movie since the first Jurassic Park made for around half the budget of a Jurassic World movie.

I read an article that Tupperware is struggling financially, so they’ve put their products in Target in hopes to appeal to a younger audience. I was curious, since I personally don’t own any Tupperware, and the last person I knew that did was my grandmother thirty years ago. A quick glance at Tupperware’s site tells you all you need to know. The prices are outrageous and there are so many cheaper alternatives out there. Yeah, sorry Tupperware, I look forward to seeing your brand name slapped on some cheap Chinese knockoffs at Burlington Coat Factory in the near future.

I’m usually done with my taxes in January. I never wait, but this year my wife’s second job had some issues and it was delayed till almost the deadline. I went ahead and did our taxes, and well… it was not good. Some mistakes were made with the second job, and I think any crazy extra expenditures are going to be put on the backburner for a bit while we try and replenish our savings.

I saw the picture of the guy who leaked the documents online today. It got me thinking about how the media tends to use photos they find online of individuals. Depending on the slant they have for the story, they may choose the nice smiling photo or they may choose the photo of someone showing off a gun. It made me wonder about how our images, and the statement we try to make with the ones we release online, can come back and be misused to hurt us. It almost convinces me the best route is to not have any photos online or at least have them behind a privacy wall of some sorts.

I haven’t been shy about my fondness for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Daily Pump newsletter. This week’s included this fantastic piece of advice:

Listen, I think a lot of things that reduce the amount of calories you eat or make you eat real, nutritious food instead of garbage can be good for you, but I don’t put much stock in the diet claims I see people make online. I don’t think there is only one way to eat, and anybody who says so is probably selling you something. People treat food and training like religion or politics. And like religion and politics, some people are true believers and some people are capitalizing on the true believers.

The fact is, if you eat a little less, mostly only eat things your grandparents would have eaten, and move more, you’re probably going to end up in good shape.

Interesting Links

“You Can’t Take the Sky from Me” Series
Jonathon D. Svendsen has written a ten part look at Firefly that is quite impressive. Presented more like an academic study of the show and characters, I found it great read.

This is the Way… That Classic Star Wars Comics Laid the Groundwork for The Mandalorian
A fun look at how comics and other extended universe media helped create the Mandalorians everyone now knows and loves.

What George Saw in the Sand
A quick look at Blood, Sweat, and Chrome, an exploration of George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road

A Scandal is Taking Place in American Music/Mack McCormick’s Long, Tortured Quest to Find the Real Robert Johnson
These two articles work well together in exploring the recent Robert Johnson publication by Mack McCormick. It’s a fascinating look at trying to find the truth in a book that was fifty years in the making.

Song of the Week

It All Comes Back by Winger

Book of the Week

What Makes Us Mighty by MK England

Site News

  • Changed the template
  • Combined fitness subdomain blog into main blog

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The Superman Radio Show
Smallville: The Pilot

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