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What Am I Listening To? Volume 1

I am not a music reviewer, nor do I have the vocabulary to break down songs, but I do feel like sharing some of the new music I’ve run across, so I’ll do my best. I’ll be focusing on newer releases as well as new tracks that I’ve discovered. This post is inspired by Jimmy’s Championship Vinyl series over at Middle Aged Fat Kids.

I’ve also created a Spotify playlist of these songs.

Night to Remember
Lost Hearts

I was made aware of this band called the Lost Hearts a few weeks ago and have been really enjoying their stuff. The band is made up of all guitarists, who drew names to determine what instruments they’d each play. Young and from Nashville, this group seems to have a ton of potential and I’m really digging the first on location video.

Don’t Turn Me Away
Janet Gardner/Justin James

Janet Gardner you may know from the band Vixxen and Justin James is a guitarist/songwriter/producer whose worked with Staind and Collective Soul. They released an album in 2020 called Synergy and the follow up album releases June 9th. I really like the first single Don’t Turn Me Away and look forward to the full release.

I’m a Liar
Transworld Identity

I struggled to pick just one song off this album, because I friggin love the whole thing. So much so, I ordered the CD, the first CD I’ve purchased in eight years and probably only the second new CD I’ve purchased in twenty years. Then I discovered I had nothing to play it on since my PS5 doesn’t play audio CDs. Ha!

Anyway, Finish band Transworld Identity started off came together after lead singer Mila Bosa grew tired of fronting cover bands and wanted to create some original music. She gathered up a talented group of musicians and they put together the Seven Worlds album and there isn’t a bad track on it. I won’t be surprised to see my 2023 Spotify Year in a Review featuring this band as my most listened to.

Proud Desperado

I enjoyed a handful of Winger’s hits, but never gave the band it’s fair listen. Then I saw this new album was coming out and suddenly I’m a Winger fan. Their musicianship is on point, and the hooks are solid. This new album Seven features a diverse set of tracks that all pretty much rock. Like with the above entry, I struggled to pick just one song to select, and I decided to start at the beginning.


Gosh… how do I describe this track. It sounds like it comes from any 80’s soundtrack. A bit like Journey, a bit like Survivor and all in a good way. I haven’t had a ton of time to explore their previous releases but what I have heard I’ve loved.

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