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What I Like and Don’t Like About Blogs

I’ve been spending a lot of time browsing through the WordPress reader, just seeing what types of blogs are out there. For the most part, the sites that show up are trash. They are AI written, all about affiliate links, or simply advertisements in themselves. You have to dig through a lot of junk to find some real folks talking about real life.

Having rejected so many blogs over the past few weeks, I started thinking about what immediately turns me off from a blog. I thought I’d share a few of those thoughts.

– Too Many Stock Images
A stock image can sometimes represent an emotion better than a picture the average person can take, but if every post has a stock image in it, I’ll be passing on your site. I’d rather read a site with no images than something that feels so inorganic as a blog full of stock images.

– Too Many Lists
Lists are easy and in many cases are the more successful blog posts. I think readers see “Top 5” or “Top 10” and the think to themselves, “This isn’t going to require much time, I’ll scroll through and see how they rank it.” So, I can see where someone who is monetizing their blog may begin to rely on lists. But if 25% or more of your post are lists, your site just isn’t for me. I’m looking for a little more meat on the bone.

– Reporting News/Research Like Your a Scientist/Reporter
If you are screaming from the mountain top about this latest report, I’m done. I’m not interested. You are just recycling information you got elsewhere and passing it off like you did the research or reporting. If I want to hear about the latest weight loss study, I’ll go to the source. If I want to read the news, I’ll do that. I honestly am not interested in your commentary on it.

It’s not my thing. I can let a sentence or two slide by, but if things get political I’m out.

– Existing Just to Point Folks to Your YouTube or Podcast
Vlogs and podcasts are what the kids like these days, but I hate when I run across a site that looks like I’ll enjoy it only to find each post is just the title of a vlog or a brief summary of a podcast. I’m not going to watch or listen, moving along.

– Stats
Before I say anything, if you’ve created a blog to help keep up with a hobby or goal, I get it. That’s more for you than an audience. I have no problem with it. But if you are writing for an audience and posting your workout reps daily or worse, a screenshot of your fitness app results and think I’m going to find that interesting, you are mistaken.

– Yelling, Talking Down, and Other Narcissistic Behaviors
If your blog is an extended version of your Twitter hot takes, ugh…

So, What Do I Like About Blogs?

– Real photos.
I like seeing messy dressers and nightstands. I like photos with no filters that don’t feel like a book cover. I like an authentic peek into your life.

– Imperfect Themes
Most of the bloggers I chat with and follow are in the tech field, and their blogs can be awe-inspiring. They are perfect and constantly tweaked to perfection. And as much as I love these blogs and bloggers, I do like seeing regular folks try their best with a theme. I like seeing the errors they make, because it means they are really trying. They are more focused on writing than creating something beautiful (or even useful at times) and I appreciate that.

– I Like Experiments
Some of my favorite blogs over the years have been folks doing experiments like re-creating World War II ration recipes or trying out fad diets for thirty days at a time. It’s always a fun read.

– Folks Who Try Different Things
One of the best things about the bloggers in the tech community is they tend to create things that are so unique and unlike anything else. Colin’s blog is a wonderful example. He’s created it himself, it suites his own blogging style, and because he blogs a bit differently than most, it makes his site always a joy to read. Another example is JTR’s blog, where he utilized not only a but also a Wiki.

– Sometimes I Like the Unusual
While some of the more “out there” sites I won’t subscribe to, it does put a smile on my face to see some of the more unusual blogs that occasionally pop up. Two recent finds include a woman who has a spiritual connection to The Ultimate Warrior, and he helped her psychic gifts to expand. Another one is a SimLit page, which the author uses The Sims to tell various stories. Neither site truly appeals to me, but I love that people share their passions and find their audiences online. We need to keep the internet a little weird.

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Brandon.

    I agree with just about everything you wrote there and would add that I love authenticity. Being able to almost hear the author while you’re reading, knowing that what they’ve written is true, is a blessing.

    That’s why I love your blog so much.

  2. I’ve found a plethora of no-frills, slice of life-type of blogs at

    Loved this post, and very much agree with all of it!

    • I need to poke around some more. Maybe I’m wasting my time looking on WordPress! Thanks for the tip!

    • Any of you remember livejournal? 😛 I sometimes wonder if it would be fun to just use that platform again.

      • I do!! I didn’t use it much but definitely read quite a few of them. From my understanding they are owned by Russian company now which has scared off a lot of folks from using it. I’m still impressed it looks just as it did though!

        • Oh I had no idea, but it also feels more like social media now, everyone posting status style updates rather than actual journal entries (from what I can tell)

  3. I agree! I really don’t like the top 5 posts, in fact I find that most just regurgitate what everyone else has stated.

    I also don’t like posts that are to redirect to vlogs, and most of all I hate recipe websites, whether a company or personal they all have so many ads I give up trying to read the details.

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