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Why Say It…

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post on Subscription Fatigue. I vented about my frustrations, but never published it. It’s one of a dozen posts that sit in my draft folder hoping to see the light of day.

So, why didn’t I publish it? Well, at first it was because I had written so much, I wanted to space out my posts. But then it became a bit redundant. It seems like almost every day I see someone commenting or writing about subscription fatigue, and what does my post really have to offer to the conversation? Absolutely nothing. I’m just mimicking the same thing everyone else is saying.

Lately, AI seems to be a hot topic that everyone has an opinion on. I hardly visit a blog that doesn’t have some sort of ChatGPT or AI related post from the last few weeks. For a while, I’d skim them, just curious what more educated people thought about this whole craze, but I realized rather quickly, they weren’t saying much. Just beating the same drum as everyone else.

I’m not the blog police, so anyone can write about whatever they want, Lord knows I ramble on about tons of useless stuff, but it does make me wonder why do we bother to comment on these recent developments? Is it part of wanting to be part of the conversation? Is it some sort of entitlement that our opinion matters? Or is it just a way to help us organize our thoughts through writing and developing an opinion? I certainly do not know.

I will say that the more negative articles I see on AI, the more it feels like the news. Just someone reinforcing someone else and then someone reinforcing those folk beliefs. I think it’s hard for my brain to sort out this is just a bunch of people’s opinions. In a weird way, it reminds me of social media, just folks piling on a single topic and at times, talking like they are experts. I obviously need to stop clicking on those posts.

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  1. I feel very much the same but I might be a hypocrite as I tweet and blog about it myself (albeit selectively, rather than extol the virtues of snake oil like many do). I want more personal blogs and tbh I have, even before this new AI wave. Every is saying the same things over and over and it’s exhausting.

  2. I sometimes worry about this, too. For me, blogging is mostly just taking notes for myself. I’m not trying to win any intellectual contests (obviously! ), but I like sorting things out by writing about what I’m thinking. It’s a bit like photography. I take photos of landmarks, even though there are thousands of better ones already out there. Still, I want my own version. It says that I was there and shows what I saw. Hope that makes sense. I vote for posting whatever you write, whether it’s original, unique, or not.

    • Hey Jack,
      That’s an excellent perspective I didn’t even think about. I think the photography example is spot on. I guess, sometimes I still fall into the thinking of writing for others instead of yourself.

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