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Wrestlecade 2021 – Meeting Penta, 10, PCO, and Jordynne Grace

Not every meet and greet is magical and this post is dedicated to those which were just okay.

The longest line I waited in was to meet Penta. Both Brandy and I are huge Lucha Brothers fans and it was disappointing that Fenix could not make it, but at least Penta was there.

Penta speaks more English than AEW TV shows and while polite, his line was basically a factory. You step up, get your photo, and leave. Not much banter, discussion, or anything else. As we posed for the photo, I asked if we could include the AEW tag title in the photo. Penta told me, “Sure, go ahead and grab it.” I’ll be honest, I was nervous as could be. I was actually holding an AEW tag belt! That was the best part of the how photo op.

The first wrestling event I took Brandy to was The Crockett Cup in 2019. It was at that event that she first saw PCO wrestle. We thought it would be cool to memorialize that event with a photo of PCO. Sadly, it was probably my least favorite encounter during the con.

I don’t want to talk ill of PCO, but I do worry about his health. I’m just going to leave it at that.

I would never say I’m a huge 10 fan, but I’ve read some very inspiring things about the man. For example; his masks are based on designs of photos sent to him by children. That’s amazing and the type of stuff we need to hear about more in wrestling. Wanting to support that, we decided to get our photo with 10 and he was fantastic. He was friendly and I really like the photo.

As far as women’s wrestling goes, I’m a big Jordynne Grace fan. I like her moveset and her size. She doesn’t really wrestle like anyone else and I like that. With that being said, she was one of the “must meet” guests at Wrestlecade. Sadly, it was a pretty lackluster experience. She hopped up, smiled and I was on my way. It was the opposite of all of the other female wrestlers I met during the event.

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