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You’re Next Review (2011)

My History With the Film: 
I vaguely remember the poster for You’re Next, but it wasn’t a film that I was interested in. In fact, if it wasn’t for Barbara Crampton, I’m not sure if I would have given it a chance. I’m thankful that I did, because what I found was a very entertaining home invasion flick that is worthy of a watch.

What The Film Is About (Non-Spoiler):
A family dinner is interrupted by a masked invader.

Things I Liked:

-Erin (Sahrni Vinson) may be my favorite Final Girl of all-time. She was an incredible badass and was completely believable in her role. I cannot remember if I’ve ever rooted this much for a Final Girl as much as I did for her. That may be because of the excellent script that painted the entire family as annoying elitists.

-The cast was believable. The family dynamic and bickering felt real and that is sometimes hard to capture on film.

-I loved the swerves and I didn’t catch onto the twist until just a few minutes prior to it happening.

-The gore was adequate and there is one scene towards the end that is definitely memorable.

-Barbara Crampton is amazing and really steals the show whenever she is on screen which is sadly, not nearly enough.

-I’m always a fan of using a non-creepy song throughout a film and You’re Next does this well.

Things I Did Not Like:
-The last scene really created mixed emotions for me. At first, I was very disappointed and felt like they had ruined an incredible movie, but then there is a short follow up scene that smoothed things out for me. Still, this type of mixed emotions are not something you want to create in a film and I think they could have done a slightly better job of ending the movie.

-I’m not sure who was in charge of creating the fake blood, but the color and consistency was all over the place. It was so off, it was actually distracting at times.

Additional Notes:
-Writer, Simon Barrett, plays the Tiger Mask Killer

-The film played in festivals in 2011 but was not given a wider released until 2013.

You’re Next is a rare home invasion movie that I enjoyed. I’m not a fan of the sub-genre, but I felt like You’re Next did it right. There was an aura of creepiness mixed in with a logical plot and some great fight/chase scenes. Sahrni Vinson carried the movie with her excellent portrayal of Erin, the foreign girlfriend who was left amongst this bickering family as they are being picked off one-by-one. I enjoyed rooting for her and while I’m not sure if I’ll revisit You’re Next anytime soon, it was well worth the time I invested in watching it. I’d rate You’re Next a four out of five and say rent it.

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