Personal Blogs

Random Thoughts and Ponderings

  • Michael's personal blog where he talks about life in Maine and concerts he's attended.

The Retro Dad

  • Casios, Vintage McDonalds, and Pizza... plus other random musings.

Colin Walker

  • One of my favorite blogs, Colin has an interesting blog design and rhythm. He chats about the internet, his music, and life in general.

Kev Quirk

  • Kev runs a popular Mastodon Instance Fosstodon, but chats about the internet, blogging, books he's read, motorcycles, and his farm.

Manuel Moreale

  • Manuel writes about blogging and has a great series where he interviews bloggers.

An Almost Anonymous Blog

  • Steve's blog covers media, his life, his thoughts on random subjects, and is a great personal blog to follow.


  • Long form articles on a variety of subjects. The resarch and writing is top notch and well worth your time.

Cheapskates Guide to Computers and the Internet

  • An interesting, yet sometimes a little hostile, self-hosted website. The author discusses the current state of the internet and retro computing.

Winnie Lim

  • Winnie has a simplistic, yet beautiful website and she pours her heart into her posts. A great, authentic read.


  • Marcin writes alot about programming and digital organization.

Nicky's Blog

  • Mental and physical health are the main topics over at Nicky's page.


  • A neat personal blog about the author's life.

yours, tiramisú

  • Miss writes "long, unedited, stream-of-consciousness essays."

Atlas Minor

  • James' page has music, photo essays, fiction, and non-fiction.

rebecca toh

  • Photographer and deep thinker, I've been following Rebecca's writings for years now. It's always amazing.

Jonathan D Svendsen

  • A writer who creates essays on various pop-culture figures and events.


  • Meadow is working on discovering himself on his blog. The topics tend to be of the personal nature.

Jason Journals

  • Jason chats about tech and gaming on his personal blog.

Holy-Elie Scaide

  • Hash chats about technology on his blog.

Michal's Blog

  • Michal explores about sorts of topics on his personal blog. 

Robb Knight

  • Robb writes about web design, food, and other assorted topics

Ning's Narrative

  • Ning shared movie reviews and thoughts on life and writing.

Apple Annie's

  • Photos, blogging, and technology.

32 Bit Cafe

  • A great group of individuals working together to help create the web fun and beautiful again.

Flamed Fury

  • Focuses  on web design and the joy of Web 1.0

Mike Grindle's Webpage

  • A personal site of an "essayist, critic, and blogger." I enjoy the simplicity of his page and his thoughts on writing.

Oh, Hello Ana

  • Tech, blogging, bookmarks, and more.


  • A very nice blog/digital garden with all sorts of great content to explore.

Darren's Notes

  • Darren writes about books, self-discovery, and blogging

Greg Morris

  • Greg writes about blogging, technology, and communicating.

Habitual Mood

  • Tim talks soundtracks, food, blogging, music, and more.

I am Barry Hess

  • Barry talks about his projects, technology, music, and other stuff.


  • LD chats about Apple, technology, internet trends.

Monqueca's Adventures

  • Monqueca breaks down her Tinder dates.

Rebecca Toh's Untitled Project

  • Join Rebecca as she writes a book about photography.

Robert Birming

  • Robert writes small posts about photography, movies, and technology.


  • Simone shares photography and writes about philosophy.


  • This blog has no real topics but is just whatever the author feels like talking about. Books, nature, and day in the life type of posts.

My Blog

  • Anxiety and self-improvement posts

From Jason

  • A digital garden/blog with projects and writings.

Mere Civilian

  • Photos, technology, how to's, podcasts, and more

Barry Sampson

  • Barry writes about technology and his personal life 

Lou Plummer

  • Lou writes about technology, photography, and other topics. 

space • time • tech

  • Jake writes about life, tech, video games, and some retro goodness. 

One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age

  • The author uses the torrent of old Geocities sites to make observations about the history of web design and current practices. 

Eric Walker

  • Eric writes about running, technology, and writing. 

The History of the Web

  • An interesting site looking over the evolution of the internet. 

Syl’s Blog

  • Syl chats about video games, music, and life. 

Cole’s Blog

  • Cole writes about life, and technology 

FMoran’s Blog

  • Moran writes about technology and his life in China.

  • Paolo writes about movies, art, and life.

not all who wander are lost

  • Brandon writes about technology and life.

Ben Daubney

  • Ben writes about technology, music, life, and a little bit of everything.

Life Notes

  • Daves thoughts on life.

Cool as Heck

  • A dad from Virginia discussions his passions, life, and projects.

My Corner of the Internet

  • Shane talks about gaming, life, and anything else that comes to mind.

Ben Tsai

Scribbles n Bits

The Art of Not Asking Why

The Brown Knowser

Sekar Writes

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Ooh Directory


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About, Ideas, Now


Scribbles Explore Page

BearBlog Discover Page

Thoughts on the Internet/Small Web

The Small Web is Beautiful

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The Internet Used to Be Fun

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Retro and Nostalgia Themed Blogs

The Wrestling Insomniac

  • My buddy Michael's site where I'm an ocassional contributor. The best wrestling blog on the internet in my humble opinion.

Retro Ramblings

  • A retro theme blogged focusing on the late 70's and early 80's.


  • A community website with submitted articles with a nostalgia theme from the 70s-2000s. I have several articles published under the name MassReality on this site.

Robot Geek's Cult Cinema

  • A blog looking at thrillers from the 80's and 90s.

Old Man Musings

  • A tumblr photo page with random pop-culture images.

History's Dumpster

  • It's not updated often, but the content is definitely unique when it comes to retro/vintage topics.

Neato Coolville

  • An abandoned site, with a retro slant dating back to the 1960's.

Horror Movie BBQ

  • Food, He-Man, Ghostbusters... you name it, the Horror Movie BBQ covers it.

Holiday Film Reviews

  • A blog that reviews holiday films.

DVD Menus

  • A site with screenshots of DVD menu screens.

The Weather Channel Classics

  • A tribute to The Weather Channel from the 80's and 90's.

The Wishbook Web Catalogs

  • A collection of scans from the Sears Wishbook catalogs.

The Retro Network

  • A network of retro theme blogs and podcasts.

Winamp Skins

  • A collection of old Winamp skins.

The Director's Commentary

  • A collection of DVD commentary tracks in mp3 format.

Reel to Real Filming Locations

  • The blog featuring the author visiting various filming locations, mostly around the California area.

Me and You and a Blog Named Boo

  • A long running blog discussing everything retro from personal memories to Batman, Ghostbusters, comics, and music.


  • A site chronicling grocery store chains from the past.

Gap In-Store Playlists

  • One person's attempt to recreate The Gap's in-store playlists of the 90's.

Silver Screen Suppers

  • This author cooks various recipes shared by celebrities.


  • A search engine created to give of 90's vibes that searches archived websites from Web 1.0

Sprague De Camp Fan

  • A fan site covering the works of Sprague De Camp and Conan.

Voices from the Balcony

  • A very active movie review site featuring reviews from major motion pictures to straight to DVD low budget features.

We Are Controlling this Transmission

  • An abandoned blog focused on The Outer Limits.


  • Metal, video games, and horror movie reviews, most of the content is on fringe or unknown stuff.


  • A Sci-Fi pop culture website.

Fun While It Lasted

  • A site chronicling defunct sports teams and leagues

Comic Books

Comic Ally

  • Comic book, manga, and fiction reviews.

Monkeys Fighting Robots

  • Current comic book reviews.

The Point of Clicking

  • A site dedicated to reviewing comic books purchased through crowd funding sites.

Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations

  • A review site for sci-fi fiction, specializing in vintage sci-fi.

Twin City Geek

  • An online geek culture magazine.

ComicBook Plus

  • A massive collection of free, public domain comic books.

Comics Beat

  • Previews, reviews, and commentary on the latest in the comics industry.

Superman Homepage

  • A site that covers all the latest Superman news.


  • Another Superman news site.

The Aspiring Kryptonian

  • Yet, another Superman news and review site.

Batman - The 1989

  • Dedicated to the 1989 Batman film.

The Other Murdock Papers

  • A Daredevil fansite.

TMNT Entity

  • A review of various Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics.

The Blog of Oa

  • A Green Lantern fan site.

The Brightest Day

  • Another Green Lantern fan site.

Spawn World

  • The latest in Spawn news.

The Horrors of it All

  • A site focusing on pre-code horror comics.

Fan Sites

The MASH Historian

  • A site with weekly posts from the author's extensive MAS*H collection.

The Dukes of Hazzard Collector

  • A long running blog of a collector of The Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia.

NHL 94

  • Still considered one of the greatest (if not the greatest) hockey video games ever made, this site pays tribute. There is a documentary, updated rosters, and even online tournaments.

Mad Max Movies

  • A website dedicated to the Mad Max series.

The Robocop Archive

  • A website dedicated to Robocop.


  • An abandoned site about the making of 1994's Spiderman The Animated Series.

  • A site dedicated to the controversial sequel in the Poltergeist franchise.

The Phantom 2040 Archive

  • A site dedicated to the short lived Phantom 2040 cartoon from the 90's.

The Chronicle Chamber

  • The definitive Phantom site on the internet. News, reviews, podcasts, and more.

Superman Collector

  • A Superman collector from Hawaii.

Fringe Connections

  • A fansite for the TV series Fringe.

Forgotten Trek

  • A wonderful, active Star Trek website that looks at the detail of the creation of various aspects of Trek.

The Star Trek Lit-Verse Reading Guide

  • Trying to figure out the timeline for Trek books is difficult, but this site simplifies it.

Farscape Continues

  • A fansite dedicated to the TV show Farscape.

WCW Worldwide

  • A site dedicated to the history of WCW with a specialized focus on WCW Magazines and merchandise.

The Shadow Sanctum

  • A fansite dedicated to pulp hero The Shadow.

1966 Batman Pages

  • A tribute site to Adam West' Batman.

Buddhism/Stoicism Sites

The Tattooed Buddha

  • A collective of writers submit various articles on Buddhism.

Figs in Winter

  • Personal blog by Stoic Massimo Pigliucci.

The Same Old Zen

  • A Buddhism blog by Sensie Alex Kakuyo.

Hardcore Zen

  • A Buddhism blog by Brad Warner.

Horror Movies

Horror Society

  • Horror news and reviews.

Final Girl

  • A site focusing on 70's and 80's slasher films.

McBastard's Mausoleum

  • Cult, horror, and exploitation film reviews and news.

Horror News Net

  • Horror news and reviews.

Oh The Horror

  • A horror review site that isn't very active, but has been around for quite some time and has a lot of content.

Horror Homeroom

  • Reviews of film and literature along with Top 10 lists.

Midnight Horror Show

  • A very neat review site focusing on underseen horror.

The Scariest Things

  • Mostly current horror reviews.

The Deadly Doll's House of Horrors

  • A woman looking for lessons in horror films by reviewing them.

Horror Movie A Day

  • Once a project site to watch a horror movie everyday for a year, its turned into a massive collection of horror reviews. 

Losman's Horror

  • Random horror reviews with the occasional sci-fi film thrown in.

Behind the Couch

  • Some movie reviews, but also analysis of horror by sub-genres.


  • A really quirky horror review site.

Terror Trap

  • Reviews with a focus on sleaze and Italian horror.

Hysteria Lives

  • A bit hard to navigate with its outdated design, but an incredible source for slasher reviews and information.

Tobe Hooper Appreciation Society

  • A site dedicated to the works of Tobe Hooper.

Final Girl

  • All sorts of odd horror reviews.

Bloody Terror

  • Reviews, physical media, and a love of horror.

Carolina Fear Fest

  • A horror convention in Raleigh, North Carolina.

A Slash Above

  • A site focusing on reviewing slasher films.

Robert Murch

  • Expert on the history of Ouija boards.

Wicked Horror

  • Essays and horror reviews with a slice of news.

Flinching with Delight

  • A variety of horror film reviews.

Horror Film History

  • An amazing site documenting the history of horror.

Horror Ghouls

  • A very well done movie review site

The Horror Section

  • Trivia and VHS reviews

Wreak Havoc Film Festival

  • A horror film festival in Winston-Salem, NC.

SC Horror

  • A South Carolina horror convention.

Retro Slashers

  • A site dedicated to retro slashers... imagine that!

Fascination with Fear

  • Film and book reviews with a focus on female villians.

At the Mansion of Madness

  • Focuses on 70's foreign horror.

Hello Sidney

  • A Scream fan site tracking the latest news in the franchise.

Scream Thrillogy

  • Another Scream fansite.

Halloween Movies

  • A site with all things Halloween and Michael Myers.

Homepage of the Dead

  • A site dedicated to George Romero's Dead series.

The House Website

  • The official website of the House series.

Book of the Dead

  • An Evil Dead fan site.

Western Movies

Jeff Arnold's West

My Favorite Westerns

Henry's Western Roundup

I Review Westerns

Westerns on the Blog
Sword and Sorcery

DRM Books

William King


Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

Parallel Universe Publications

Abandoned/Urban Exploration

Abandoned NC

  • A photo blog with accompanying articles about abandoned places in the State of North Carolina.

The Forgotten South

  • A photo blog looking at abandoned places throughout the Southeastern United States.

Message Board and Forums

Space Battles Forum

  • An active sci-fi message board.

Terra Firma

  • A Farscape message board.

Trek BBS

  • A Star Trek message board.

The Dukes of Hazzard Forum

  • A message board for the television show The Dukes of Hazzard.


Matt Brady Photography

  • An old friend of mine's photography page.

Southern Fandom Conventions

  • A listing of fan conventions in the South Eastern United States.

Star Trek Unlimited

  • Curated by the former buyer for Think Geek, this site features all kinds of neat Star Trek merchandise.

Crowemag Toys

  • A local vintage store in Raleigh, NC.

Weather Daddy

  • A website that displays the weather with similar graphic to The Weather Channel of the 90's.

Weatherstar 4000

  • An even better site featuring graphics from the old Weather Channel. 

Junkyard Rock Stories

  • The best hair metal site around.

KHBR 570

  • A fictional radio station in the spirit of KBHR from Northern Exposure.