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Cleaning Up for 2024

I like a fresh start, who doesn’t? A nice, blank slate to build upon. As 2024 approaches, I can’t help but feel inspired to clean up and start fresh for the new year.

Today, I cleared off my YouTube. I deleted all of the Watch Later videos and unsubscribed from everything. Then I tackled my Bookmarks, Reading List, Instagram, Playstation Wishlist, Amazon Wishlist, and the list goes on. I put everything back to square one and now I can start anew.

I plan to wait until 2024 before adding anything back, and only then when I feel as if I need it. The idea is to be intentional about what I’m consuming, subscribing, sharing, and creating and making sure it fits into the life that I want to lead. It’s about recognizing old habits and interests, removing them, and then seeing if they still fit. It’s not about judgement, it’s about recognizing that sometimes we get into loops and stick with things that no longer serve us out of laziness or habit.

I haven’t decided on my blog posts yet, but if I do remove them, I will provide a .epub or .pdf of the posts as part of an archive.

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