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Granny’s Recipes

I have a new blog alert. It’s not something I think many folks will be interested in, but I wanted to share it nonetheless. My great-grandmother hand wrote a recipe book a few decades ago. I’ve had a digital copy for a few years that I’ve wanted to type out to preserve. I decided to create a new blog to encourage me to work through transcribing all of these recipes over the next few months. I’ve already done about 1/4 of them.

I’m hoping that I’ll also find some motivation to try some of these recipes, but there are some really weird stuff in there. 🙂 But I think it could still be fun and a nice way to get in touch with my roots.

When transcribing the Introduction, I realized my great-grandmother’s goal was to unite her grandchildren and allow the book to grow. Unfortunately, not all of her grandchildren are still with us, and since they are all entering the later stages of life I thought maybe if I show the work, I’m putting into preserving my Granny’s dream, maybe I can encourage my family to contribute their recipes and help the book grow as intended. I’ll be honest, I’ve tried to get recipes for years out family members, and both of my grandmothers went to their grave not writing down a single one so, it’s probably a long shot, but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right?

Right now, I’ve just named the site Granny’s Recipes, because I don’t have anything else in mind. If you like old Southern American recipes, you might find something worth cooking.

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