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A few months ago, I opened up an Instagram account to follow so bands and hopefully find a community for weight loss. That was a massive failure, but I ended up creating a personal account and reconnected with one person and then fell back into old habits of following celebrities, wrestling organizations, movies, etc. I even made a second account for my horror blog, because my timeline was so full of horror stuff just in general, I wanted to see some diversity in the content that was served up to me.

Several times a day, I click on it. I scroll through the few new posts before I start seeing the recommended Reels. Then I click on the Reels above and mute the annoying ones. Then I check my messages, that are devoid of real content, but instead are just more Reels that other people have found. Then I close the app and repeat the process later.

I caught myself in one of these loops earlier this week and I removed the app from my home screen. I realized, I wasn’t enjoying it. It was the same old crap I deleted Instagram for years ago, and here I was again frustrated. There is no real content, my own friends and family aren’t posting anything real. Everyone just rehashes the same old crap and sharing the same videos that think they are more clever than they actually are.

I think the reason I created my horror account, was not only to help diversify the followers, but to see if a real community could be found. Similar to my experience in trying to find a weight loss community, it was a failure. Now, I just have another account, with folks posting the same thing over and over again.

I believe that the lack of authenticity and my general disinterest with what was being presented on Instagram and Threads is what has led to the creation of this site. I needed a place to express myself in my own way and was a better use of my time rather than scrolling through a bunch of people promoting things.

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