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Personal Site Spotlight: The Point of Clicking

The Point of Clicking is a blog that focuses on providing reviews for comics books that are crowd funded. Author Benjamin Dean has developed an interesting format to post his reviews by offers a breakdown of the story, characters, and how it reads, and then follows it’s up with descriptions of the art. He provides simple answers to important questions like:

  • “Is this worth reading?”
  • “Would I like this?”
  • “What would this comic’s film rating be?”
  • “Could I get a quote from the comic?”

He also provides links to purchase or fund the comic, which is really helpful.

There are TONS of comic reviewers online, but not very many that specialize in the niche crowd funded comics arena. I ran across his blog while researching a comic that I had discovered and was trying to learn more about. His site was extremely helpful in that regard and I could see his enthusiasm for the material in his writing.

If you like comics or reviews of things a little off the beaten path, The Point of Clicking is a great site to add to your RSS.

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