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Personal Site Spotlight: The Wrestling Insomniac

Yup, so, confession time: I write for The Wrestling Insomniac. I haven’t written much the past couple of years, but I’ve spilled quite a few paragraphs on the art of professional wrestling over the last five or six years. But, The Wresting Insomniac is not my baby. No, the site is owned by my good friend Michael Labbe, a man whose wrestling knowledge exceeds everyone I know, and trust me, I know some crazy wrestling fans.

Michael and I became friends because of his site. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of wrestling “news sites.” They all pretty much pull the same information from the same two sources and there really isn’t much to enjoy. So, when I went looking for some wrestling information sometime around 2015, I was thrilled to have stumbled upon The Wrestling Insomniac.

articles didn’t focus on telling you what happened on this week’s show or some hot take on the latest pay per view, no Michael did his research and instead provided his readers with articles of substance. Articles that focused on the forgotten moments in pro wrestling history. Articles like: The Final Matches of Hulk Hogan, Antonio Inoki WWF Champion? and The 1998 NWA Invasion of the WWE. His ability to remember and research the forgotten history of pro wrestling was unmatched and I couldn’t believe what a treasure trove of amazing information I had found.

I spent hours reading through his various posts, and when I got done, I knew I needed to thank the man who put it all together. So, I sent Michael a short email letting him know how much I enjoyed his site, and that one email led to another, and another and the next thing you know he’s one of my closest friends!

I tell you all this because I still stand by that The Wrestling Insomniac is one of the finest pro wrestling sites on the internet. I don’t say that because Michael is my friend, I say that because the site is so good it made Michael my friend.

So, if you like rasslin and want to read some articles unlike anything else you’ll find online, then check out our The Wrestling Insomniac.

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