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The Easiest Way to Start Blogging

So, you’re interested in blogging but don’t know where to start?

I’ve put together this list of blogging platforms that do not require any knowledge of coding or markdown. For the most part you can be up and writing within just a few minutes.


  • The easiest to use.

First 50 posts free then $6 a month or $60 a year
✅ IndieWeb

An Example of a Pika Page


  • Scribbles may be even easier to use than Pika, but you are limited more by the design.

$5 a month
✅ IndieWeb
Example of a Scribbles Blog

Micro Blog 

  • is a blogging platform/social network. It’s a bit more advanced to use than Pika or Scribbles, but offers more in networking and customization.

$5 a month
✅ IndieWeb
Example of a


  • Medium is free to write but readers only get three free articles a month unless they pay for a membership.

❌ Not IndieWeb
Example of a Medium Page


❌ Not IndieWeb
Example of a Substack 

  • A good portion of the internet runs on WordPress. If you choose WordPress make sure you turn off the AI firehouse option unless you want all your posts to be sold off to an AI company.

$4 a month or $48 annually
❌ Not IndieWeb
Example of a WordPress Blog


  • Ghost began strictly as a blogging platform but has expanded into newsletters and such.

$9 a month
❌ Not IndieWeb
Example of a Ghost Blog


  • Blogger has been abandoned by Google for years now. I could see it being dissolved at any time. It’s not a bad place to start, but if you plan to write for a while I’d choose elsewhere.

❌ Not IndieWeb
Example of a Blogger Blog

All of these platforms have pros and cons and the pricing can vary depending on how much or how little you need. In some cases, you can self host and reduce the price even more. However, I find most articles about beginning blogging get bogged down with too much commentary, so I wanted to keep this as simple as possible. 

This is also not a complete list of platforms nor is there a “best blogging platform”. The best platform is the one that you will use to write. I’d recommend experimenting with all of these choices and see what works best for you.

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