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The Shit That Happens While You’re Waiting for Moments That Never Come

I love a good quote. I used to have a quote page in both my offline journal and on my blog. I collect them like I used to collect baseball cards.

A good quote can provide you with a guideline to live by or prompt you to reevaluate your entire life. The amount of power and knowledge that can be contained in something that is so short is astounding.

One of my new favorite quotes came from an episode of *The Wire* I recently watched. After the line was said, I immediately rewound the scene and typed it out in my phone. I discovered someone had made an image for it, so here it is:

![Brandon Writes](

Wow… yea… um… that sure is accurate. Haha!

It’s easy to look back on the highlights, the social media feed of our lives: weddings, sporting events, concerts, vacations, but that is not life. Those are just temporary breaks in life that we look forward to. Life is that boring, mundane, every day that occurs. The drive from work, the meal prepping, the laundry, or working out. It’s the everyday minutia that occurs, while we are waiting for the winning lottery ticket, celebrity fame, bad back to heal, to feel appreciated at work, etc.

I know, I’ve been guilty of overlooking my daily life and instead looking toward the next big event. But I feel like I’ve made some solid efforts over the past few years to prioritize my daily life over another celebrity photo op from a convention or great seats at a cool venue.

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