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Thoughts on Scribbles, a Week Later

So, I’ve had Scribbles for over a week now and I’m telling ya, this platform has some real potential.

I began experimenting by just porting over some posts from this blog, but then I decided to clear it off and do something a little different. I did some short form posts with no titles, a sort of expanded free-flowing micro journaling for a day or two. I sort of like associating the word Scribbles with that type of blogging.

Of course, the platform is constantly being tweaked and now there is the ability to have just the post titles show up, which I think is probably the best for this particular layout, so that makes me want to go back to longer form content.

Surprisingly, I do miss markdown support and mostly because adding a link on my iPhone is a bit of pain. Trying to highlight the text, then scrolling down to the toolbar just is not comfortable nor easy, which has always been a problem when I’ve tried to use WordPress via mobile too. I really don’t know of a solution outside of an app or using markdown.

Vincent has announced his tentative pricing on the Scribbles Update Blog and it’s more than fair. He’s offered some discounts for early adopters and the public pricing is better than a lot of the platforms out there, even if just by a few dollars.

Of course, there is always a risk with small platforms. You are at the mercy of one person or a small team if the platform will exist for long term, but that is part of the problem with not self-hosting anything. But Vincent seems like an upstanding guy and he’s hard at work at creating some good export options, so that makes me feel better anytime I join a different platform.

So, will I make the jump to Scribbles… ahh I still don’t know. I need to experiment more and even if I don’t officially move, I do think I’m going to pay for a Scribbles account, and I’ll make use of it in a different way.

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