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WeblogPoMo2024 begins tomorrow. What is WeblogPoMo2024, you ask? Well, it’s a month-long event similar to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) created by Annie. The goal is to write on a blog, once a day, for the entire month of May.

Back in 2020, I participated in Kev’s 100 Days to Offload. I never made it to the 100 days, but when I go back and read old posts of mine, some of my favorites were written during this time. One of the benefits of forcing yourself to write daily is you tend to take your foot off the brakes. Those insecurities or questions about quality are removed when you just need to create and publish. Sure, the quality may dip a bit in exchange for quantity, but you never know what magic might occur when you are just writing to write.

While WeblogPoMo2024 doesn’t have any specific rules or guidelines on what you are encouraged to write about, I’ve established a short list of rules for myself.

1. No ranting.
I could easily spend thirty-one days complaining, but I’m not doing that. I try to limit the negativity and complaining on my blog as is, so I’m not going to give into the easy way out for me.

2. No news/observations.
This is another easy crutch for me, just pick a news topic and offer my opinion.

3. No stress.
This is supposed to be fun, and the moment it stops, I stop. I don’t tend to write much on the weekends, so I may even take the weekends off. We will just wait and see.

If you have a blog or have been interested in blogging, I highly recommend you join in on the fun. Just look at this all-star list of bloggers who will be participating!

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