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What Do I Do with These Blogs?

A few weeks ago, I was experimenting with a free month of Day One Premium when I started porting over some old blog posts. It was nice having everything in one place, since I’ve jumped around blogs quite a bit the past few years and I haven’t been keeping a file with all my writing.

After my month was up, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to spend $35 on a year-long subscription, and so my posts are just rotting there. Just like they were rotting on before and in some random .xml file before that.

What do I do with these? Do I save them? Do I pick and choose my favorites and repost them? Do I put them all in a plain text file and forget about them? Like… what is the real solution here. Does anyone have one?

I would argue that 85% of what I write isn’t worth saving, but that the other 15% is. I’m also quite fond of those few magical months earlier in the pandemic when so many people were blogging and following the #100DaysToOffload. It’s an interesting time to reflect on and I’d love to preserve those memories. So, do I add them to this blog and just edit the dates? Or do I simply forget about them?

For a while, I thought about converting everything to HTML and just creating a single document, but some of the pictures really make the blogs stand out. I have no idea, but I’m open to suggestions.

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