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Why Write?

A few days ago, Robert wrote a post called Why Write. I’ve actually tackled this subject a few times on blogs in the past, but I thought it might be a good time to revisit the topic and join in with the other authors participating in exploring why they write.

So, why do I write in 2024? Why do I share these thoughts with the world?

The way I see it is when my brain works, it creates a byproduct that needs to be expunged. I need something to skim that junk off the top. Some of it comes out when talking to people, but for me to really clear the mess out of my head, I need to write it down. If I don’t, it backs up and turns into depression/anxiety.

I think writing is an advanced way for me to process and organize things. It keeps me focused and motivated when exploring a topic/hobby and encourages me to continue being active in whatever it is I’m writing about (For example: If I write about working out, I’ll work out). I discover so much about myself when writing, so even when I have stopped blogging for months at a time, I was always writing. The moment I stop, the demons creep in.

But anyone who writes a lot can tell you it’s a lonely hobby. Not wanting to utilize social media or “build a brand”, often left me writing and hoping that maybe my wife would read my post or maybe a friend. Honestly, that is probably the hardest part of blogging, because you find out rather quickly that just because you are passionate about things or have thoughts, doesn’t meant the people closest to you care to read them. Then the doubt creeps in, “Well, if they don’t care, why would anyone else? Why am I even doing this, putting myself out here like this?”

That was really the question I found myself pondering late last summer. I had a rough year prior, I was irritated with WordPress, and since I avoided installing JetPack, I really had no idea if anyone was reading what I wrote. So, I did what I always do, which is write for me first, and just hope that maybe someone else might find something of value in there. But over time I just became so frustrated with it all, I closed my blog down and just went back to journaling for a while.

When I decided to start writing on BearBlog, I honestly don’t think I expected it to last long. But then something happened that changed everything for me. I made a post about what to do with my old blog posts. I was questioning whether to just delete them or find a way to archive them. I  didn’t expect anyone to email me their thoughts, but I got three emails including one from my friend Matt.

I didn’t know Matt at the time, he was just a guy who had been following my blog for a few years. I honestly didn’t know anyone had read my blog for more than a few weeks, let alone over a few years. He proved this by mentioning a very specific post and mentioned it had helped him out. I was floored. Absolutely floored. All this rambling into the void hadn’t been in vain, and I realized then, no matter what, Matt would be reading and I guess just knowing one person was reading was enough to keep me writing.

Since then, Matt and I have become good friends. I wish he’d start a blog, because he’s got some great ideas and reads a ton of the same blogs I do, and I think he would write some incredible stuff, but I haven’t been able to push him into this yet.

Matt made me feel like my writing was worth reading (at least some of it) and I really started to lean into my blogging a bit more. Then I found myself leaning into the community, and I found a little community of folks similar to me that are sick of the regular internet and are looking for something with a bit more authenticity. Finding this community has been wonderful for my mental health and my writing. I mean, without It I certainly would not be participating in WeblogPomonor would I be writing this post and sending it over to Robert. I guess, in some strange way, I feel like I found my little tribe online and for a guy who leads a pretty solitary life, I cannot tell you how much that means to me.

So, why do I write? I write because it keeps me sane and because it helps me connect with others.

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