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Writing Inspiration

I remember getting my first computer sometime around 1994-1995. Once my dad got done fumbling around with it, I had a few moments alone with the keyboard and the mouse. We had the internet, and I was excited to explore more, but in this moment of silence I chose to open up Notepad (or maybe WordPad) and I just stared at the screen. Finally… I had what I really wanted.

Some years earlier, I found myself glued to the TV for a hit new show called Doogie Howser, MD. I’ve only watched one episode (the pilot) since the 80’s/early 90’s, and I don’t recall much about the show outside of Doogie sitting down at his PC to journal about his day. The soft beats of the theme song would rise up as Doogie began to express himself, and I was just enamored. This is the way to communicate. This is the way to work through your problems.

Doogie was my inspiration, and often he still comes to mind when I sit down to just write. I think about the camera panning across the words as they were read out loud and how much better Doogie seemed to feel after writing out the lesson he learned that week.

that I think about it, I wonder if that’s why I’m always trying to find a lesson in things. Anyway, without Doogie, I’m sure I wouldn’t write as much as I do. Maybe it’s time to give that series a watch.

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