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You Are What You Consume

There’s an old adage, “You are what you eat” and it’s pretty accurate. You eat junk and your body turns to junk. You eat clean, you stay healthy. Simple enough.

I like to take this one step further and say, “You are what you consume” and don’t just mean food.

Recently, I was reading an article about how song lyrics have become more self-obsessed and negative. I’m not surprised, I haven’t heard much happy/feel good music in a while.

Sitcoms are pretty much dead, we don’t get many comedies in theater anymore, and overall, it seems like the most popular entertainment items are not full of joy. I love Andor and Breaking Bad as much as the next guy, but both can be a bit depressing. Same goes with pretty much every other popular TV show out there. And don’t even start with the documentaries. When’s the last time watched one of those and didn’t want to go out and slit your own wrists?

We wonder why kids are depressed and society seems to have an anxiety epidemic but maybe it’s because everything is so serious and depressing these days. I mean, we already have to contend with the news infiltrating everything, then social media shoving the negativity down our throats, and whenever something comes out that is a bit happy and joyful, its immediately torn down.

I guess, what I’m saying is, we need variety. We need happy songs to go along with the sad songs. We need positivity to balance the negativity. We don’t have to stick our heads in the sand and pretend everything is wonderful, but we also don’t have to spend all day basking in the darkness.

Years ago, I conducted an experiment where I substituted the music I listened to on my drive home with classical music. The results were undeniable. I arrived home in a much more relaxed state and experienced way less road rage along the way and I honestly don’t listen to all that much dark or heavy music. So, I can only imagine what a difference that might make for folks who do.

I feel bad for people who wake up, doom scroll, listen to the news or podcasts on the way to work, spend the day off and on social media/news, come home watch true crime documentaries and repeat. I mean, I just couldn’t function if nothing I ever consumed offered any hope or break from all the pain around me.

Anyway, remember, “You are what you consume.” If you feel bad, maybe change it up a bit.

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