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Well, after a depressing post yesterday, I’m back with something a bit more positive today: this is my 100th post!

When I rebooted my blog (I like to think of it as a sequel, same character and continuation of the same storyline) in September 2023, I was hoping it’d be for the last time. I don’t typically keep track of the number of posts I make, but Scribbles makes it really easy to see what post number you are on.

I’m not sure what my largest blog has ever been, but if I was to guess I’d say 300-400 posts. After this month, I should be up to 131 posts, which is pretty wild. In one month, I’m going to write a third of what I’ve written over the past eight or nine months.

Of course, if I’m completely honest, there have been four or five “From the Vault” style posts which were actually old blog posts from different blogs that I brought over. So, I haven’t written 100 new posts, but I’ve published 100 posts.

Still, there is something that feels so good about reaching the number one hundred. It’s like you’ve transcended a normal acceptable number of blog posts and have moved onto something more. I appreciate everyone that has been on this ride with me, and I look forward to reaching 200 very soon.

And while I have your attention, yesterday Chris suggested bloggers start an Interests page. I liked that idea so I whipped one up. It still needs some work but I think this is a great way to find other folks with similar interests.

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