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A New Beginning

Over the past eleven months, I’ve moved my blog multiple times. I tried out different hosts and in the midst of all the energy I spent trying to find the best, I found myself unhappy.

I was unhappily with what I found and unhappy with own lack of stability, so I left the personal blogging world behind. I decided to focus on writing about pop culture and horror whenever I felt so compelled.

I started writing more by hand, and then in Day One, but over time I found myself writing less and less. I also found my own mental health struggling as my word count went down. I think at times, when I wrote about new adventures or new struggles, I felt shame for sharing these thoughts publicly. That would prompt me to “rebrand” or relaunch my blog. Other times, I’d fall into little blogging groups or communities, then I feel imposture syndrome or like I made a fool of myself, and the next thing I know I’m starting all over.

The truth is, the internet is no longer fun to me. It’s become something I don’t enjoy anymore, and I miss the wonderful, quirky, world of the 90s web. And so, in that spirit, I’ve decided to go back to writing on a simple website, far away from the mainstream internet. It’s not going to bring back Web 1.0, but maybe it’ll give me a dose of nostalgia, and a place where I feel at home writing about my life, my fears, thoughts, and concerns.

Last year, I launched a basic HTML site to write on. Then I let my own desire for an audience to prompt me to leave the site. I kept getting asked about RSS and more modern web conveniences. Being that I’m not that skilled in web design, I decided to leave my tiny site and all it stood for and rejoin WordPress, where I could provide the modern conveniences as requested. What I sacrificed, was the simplicity of this site and the idea that maybe the way we surf the web is broken. Having content delivered via email, social media, or even an RSS feed is soulless. It’s like receiving a newspaper. It’s just black and white. You don’t get to see the design choices that went into the actual website or the various pages linked with content. You just get what you want, when you want, and well… I think that may be what is so wrong with the internet as it currently exists.

Then again, maybe I’m just an old fool who misses a time that is long forgotten and no longer appreciated.

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