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A Good Score

Earlier this year, I walked into a Goodwill and walked out with the first six seasons of Smallville for under four dollars. I enjoyed the show in the early 2000’s and never got a chance to finish it up, so I was excited to get back to the adventures with Clark, Chloe, Pete, and Lana.

To complete the series I went eBay and bought the remaining seasons on blu-ray. This was the cheapest option for me, and altogether I spent less than forty dollars to get the complete series. It wasn’t as nice as the complete blu-ray collection that was released, but it was good enough.

I’ve been trying to lean into “good enough” a bit more often these days. I tend to hold out for the best or avoid things because they aren’t the best, but there is something to be said about being good enough. I grew up in the world of 19-inch TVs and VHS, what isn’t good enough for me?

Last night, iTunes put the complete series of Smallville on sale for $14.99. It’s in HD and I went ahead and bought it. I was enjoying the simplicity of physical media, but the convenience of digital is worth enjoying as well. I like to watch TV shows on my lunch break and that’s a bit difficult when I only own a show on DVD or blu-ray.

I have no real proclamation to make regarding the superiority of physical or digital, but I’m glad to have both options at my disposal.

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