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Mario Kart ️

A few weeks ago, Playstation raised the price of PS+ by $20 for the base subscription. There was your typical internet outrage, and I was definitely one of those irritated and wondering why I continue to pay Sony for the privilege to save my games to the cloud and play online. Out of protest, I wanted to let my subscription expire in December and just say screw it, but my wife plays Disney Dreamlight Valley, and it needs an internet connection, so I decided to swallow my pride, buy another year before the price goes up.

Of course, there hasn’t been much released on the PS5 lately to get me all that excited. I’m looking forward to Alan Wake 2, but not much else. Between the micro-transactions, ads in games, broken games being shipped, and whatnot, I’m just over it. It’s really made me question whether my time gaming may be coming to an end, or at least slowing down.

Over the weekend, I decided to dust off my Switch. I knew Mario Kart had a ton of new tracks released, so I hopped online after a few years away. Almost instantly, I found myself leaning forward, jumping up, and having an absolute blast. Pure, simple, addictive gameplay. No drama, no “buy this”, no commercials, no crazy logins… I just booted up the game and played, and I realized I may have been spending way too much time with the wrong system as of late.

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