May 6th, 2024

My New Logo!


I'm a terrible artist. I mean, I used to know my way around Paint Shop Pro back in the day, but I usually rely on CoolText, the same site I've been relying on since the 90s for my website graphics.

When I moved over to Scribbles, I wanted to take advantage of the logo element of the page, but I struggled. I tried CoolText, then Adobe's logo maker, before settling in something from Canva out of desperation. I wasn't happy with it, but I figured I'd address that sometime down the road.

Around the same time, I committed to Scribbles, I noticed Ning, from Ning's Narrative, was showing off some graphics she was creating using lettering. I thought they looked incredible. They were nice to look at and were different from what I usually saw online for blogs. Her designs really stood out and I made a mental note to reach out and see if she might be interested in creating something for my site.

Before I got around to sending that email, she began a daily challenge to create a new piece of work featuring some of her favorite lyrics each day. I noticed at the bottom of her first post, she had link that said, "Get Your Own Lettering." So, I sent her an email.

Over the past week, Ning and I have gone back and forth regarding the creation of a logo, and I cannot express what a wonderful experience it has been. Ning was excited about the opportunity, she jumped right in, was super quick to respond, and I had rough drafts to choose from within hours. While I'm not a demanding client, I really didn't know what I wanted, outside of it looking good in my little circle on Scribbles. 

Ning prepared a variety of designs, offered color choices, and whatever little feedback or requests I made, she was super accommodating. In less than a day, she had pretty much exactly what I wanted, but she wanted to perfect it, so I let the artist work. 

Now, I haven't ever really engaged in a collaborative artistic endeavor like this outside of ordering some stuff on Fiverr years ago, but my experiences on Fiverr were always terrible. The designs came late, were expensive, didn't pay attention to my requests, and so forth. Ultimately, I got what I wanted, but one time it took six weeks. My experience with Ning has been the exact opposite. I'm still blown away by the great service.