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WeblogPomo Comes to an End

Today is the final day of WeblogPomo. For the past thirty-one days, myself along with seventy-one registered participants, and I’m sure quite a few who didn’t register, posted a new blog every day for the month of May. I thought I’d reflect on the past month and what I learned from this challenge.

I was lucky, May is a rather slow month for me at work, so I was able to stay on top of my writing by utilizing some downtime. In fact, I had all my posts written around twenty days in, although I ended up writing new posts (like this one) which took the place of some of my planned posts.

WeblogPomo was very much a marathon and about two-thirds of the way in I found myself a bit worn out. It’s a lot to write, and even more to read. So many great bloggers participated in this challenge, but there just weren’t enough hours in the day to stay on top of all of them. So, I had to save some posts in my RSS feeder, and I plan to loop back around some this month so I can get all caught up.

It was a lot of fun to see bloggers play off each other by discussing similar topics. We learned about blogging workflows, saw the invention of slash and interest pages, and why we write.  Folks shared stories from their past, frustrations with the present, and hopes for the future. Some bloggers used this challenge as a way to combat their own insecurities about blogging and some of my favorite posts came from these individuals. Folks who weren’t comfortable or confident in blogging but kept grinding it out. I’m proud of these guys and gals.

It truly has been a joy to see so many people share their lives and inner thoughts over the past month. I’ve made so many new connections over Mastodon and received so much great feedback from my own posts. A special thanks must go out to Annie for putting this altogether.

Through all of this, a sort of community has been created. There is already a bit of camaraderie amongst bloggers, but folks were looking for another challenge to jump into and Robert presented Junited for the month of June. Junited is a neat idea. You create one stationary page and then each day add a blog post that you enjoyed reading. It’ll help spread and cross-promote blogs and should make for a very fun experience.

I debated about skipping out Junited, just because I got some things I need to catch up on, but the time commitment is significantly less and so I’ll be doing Junited as well the month of June. Tomorrow’s post will begin it and I’ll just keep updating that post. So if you want to see the links be sure to check back on the page since the updates won’t cross over RSS.

My goal is to post from a different blog every day. I’m going to focus on older blog posts, specifically blog posts that really resonated with me  I think it’ll be an interesting assortment of links when all is said and done.

And while I have you here, I’m embarking on a month of no frivolous spending so I can’t support this endeavor right now but fully intend to in July.

Ning, who created my logo, is looking to upgrade some equipment and is running a deal on some custom profile pics and phone wallpapers.She’s fantastic and excellent to work with and if you feel like supporting a young artist I highly recommend throwing a few dollars her way.

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