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The Tribble Tree

When my wife and I first started dating, I convinced her to accompany me to a local comic con. She agreed to come, but only if we dressed up. Short for time and cash, the easiest costume I could throw together was a Star Trek outfit. I bought a basic shirt from the JJ Abrams era Trek, and I bought her a classic dress from The Original Series. She fixed up her hair and off we went.

While there, I ran across a booth selling Tribbles. She had never seen any Trek before and had no idea what a Tribble was, but she thought it was adorable. We walked around the convention, and she got stopped dozens of times by people wanting to pet the Tribble. It made for a great memory, especially when the 501st threw her in prison for being in possession of an invasive species.

The Tribbles became a running joke in our relationship. That Christmas, I bought her a Hallmark Christmas ornament and she’s joked for the past four years that she was going to make a Tribble tree. Much to my chagrin, she’s been collecting random fabrics and stockings to create this Tribble tree, while each year, I joke and tell her it’s never going to happen. Well folks… it happened.

We debated about leaving it strictly tribbles, but we had a few ornaments that we really wanted to hang including our new Battlestar Galactica ornament.

And so there it is, a Tribble Christmas Tree. I’m not sure if it’s the first, but I doubt you’ll see another one this year. 🙂

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